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Apply more hair spray if you wish. You can also run your fingers gently through the curls to make them look softer. Method 2, t-Shirt Curls to curl Long Thick hair 1, wash and condition your hair. Don't over-condition, as this will make your curls more likely to fall out over the course of the day. While your hair is still wet, use a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles. Gently pat it dry with a towel. To curl Long Thick hair 2, make t-shirt strips. Use a scissors to cut an old t-shirt lengthwise into strips.

to your head. If you need help curling the back, ask a friend to help you out. It can be difficult to make neat curls on the back of your head. For a tousled look, experiment with curling sections of your hair in different directions, rather than uniformly curling them toward the crown of your head. To curl Long Thick hair 6, spray your hair with hairspray. When all of your hair is pinned up in curls, spray it with hairspray. If you want tight curls that stay in place all day, use a maximum hold spray; for looser, more natural-looking curls, use a loose hold spray. To curl Long Thick hair 7, remove the pins. After your hair has cooled from the iron, remove each of the pins and let the curls drop to your shoulders.

Either way, try to use a ceramic curling best iron. These get hotter than other curling irons, creating a longer-lasting style for thick, long hair. To curl Long Thick hair 4, wrap the front of your hair around the curling iron. Start with the hair that grows above your forehead, and wrap a two-inch section of hair around the barrel. Roll it over so that the hair gets pulled back from your forehead, not toward your face. Hold it there for three seconds, insecten then remove the curling iron and use a pin to hold the curl in place. Don't hold the curling iron in your hair for too long. Too much heat exposure can cause your hair to dry out. If you have bangs, don't wrap them with the rest of your hair. They should be styled separately.

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Method 1, curling Iron to curl Long Thick hair 1, start with clean, dry hair. Curls tend to fall out of hair that's a little oily, so don't wortel use too much conditioner before you plan to curl your hair. Don't curl wet hair, either; as your hair dries, the curls will fall out, especially if your hair is long and thick. To curl Long Thick hair 2, apply a heat protecting serum. Using direct heat from the curling iron can damage your hair, so it's a good idea to apply serum before you get to work. Serum meant to protect your hair from heat damage is available in the hair styling section of drugstores. To curl Long Thick hair 3, heat up a curling iron. If you want big, loose curls, use an iron with a bigger barrel. For tighter curls, choose one that has a smaller barrel.

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For The Prom, let your long hair flow with loose curls. Create two twists and pin it up at the back. Wear your beautiful gown and have fun on your prom day girls. Pull up your gorgeous voluminous and lustrous curls. This hairstyle is to die for and will not go wrong on any occasion. Pull out strands and look great. Summer Color, a frizzy and messed up the look can create a full look. Color your roots light and your ends darker for a reverse ombre effect. This color brings out the best of your naturally curly hair.

Her middle part creates a beautiful symmetry which is a perfect look for this spring. Angelic Curls, christina Aguileras hairstyle with curls taken away from the face gives a beautiful face frame. Her bright hair color with red lipstick, she looks stunning. Penelope Cruz adds to the beauty of her natural makeup with her loose curls swept to one side. Loose Short Curls, naomi watt pins her loose curly waves in a stylish manner and looks spectacular with.

Her hips dont lie! Neither do her curls. Her blonde highlights make her hair radiant. Scrunchy waves, learn how to style your naturally curly hair by scrunching it mavic up like debra messing here for a messed up perfect look. Kiersey clemons hair takes the definition of voluminous hair to a whole new level. Her gorgeous teased out hair is perfect with her shiny outfit. Cropped Bob, scarlett Johansson looks stunning with her bright red lipstick and uneven bob haircut with the ends curled for a triangular effect.

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Show a wide burst of curls like julia garner here with her huidinstituut tight corkscrew curls in a cropped haircut. Pixie for Curls, audrey tautou shows us that pixie haircut looks stunning with curly texture. She looks super rode hot. Platinum Curls, for a nicki minaj corkscrews, use a diffuser for a blowout. Her platinum colored hair with dark roots is an eye-catching hairstyle. Soft And Delicate curls. Madonna flaunts her delicate curls with a lot of confidence. The angular flick takes away her strands from her face leaving her fabulous. Middle part, learn how to style your curly hair with a middle partition from our Thandie newton here.

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Let your hair be played with the winds. The side swept bangs, and the short curly hair leaves a stunning effect. Breezy frizzy, let your loose curly tresses flow as. A bright hair color makes this look completely sunkissed. This hairstyle is shampoo completed with bangs. Dark roots, rihanna shows us how to style her bright colored long curly hair. Her roots are kept dark showing us how to do it right.

Medium Length Curls, for shoulder length hair, you can haaruitval go for loose curls, springy curls or small tighter rings. Although, we can advise you for beachy waves as well for a natural look. Most of us curly haired beauties are not sure about short hairstyle because they give an extra full look which most of us dont want. So, a shoulder length cut could be an option. You can thin out your hair and give an appropriate style. Long Curls, long hairstyle for curly hair are one of the best options. You could go for breezy waves, refined curls or messed up tendrils. You can use layering technique for your long curly hairstyle. Here we have 81 options for you to choose from, for short, medium or long hairstyles for your fabulous curly hair.

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Maybe a blessing or a trouble curly hair are always fabulous. Curls sometimes do get haar out of hand, go extremely frizzy or just easily stick out. Doesnt mean you need to run for your flat irons help. The right style and hair cut are all you need to make tame your troublesome frizz and make your natural curls the talk of the town. Want to know your options for your curly hair? Short Curls, bouncy curls on short hair with bangs look incredible. Straighten out your bangs or keep them curly, it is your choice. Add some highlights if you wish to enhance the texture of your hair.

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