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Please, i cant go back to my wimpy hair! Even though we tell clients at the initial consultation this will be necessary, this is still the reaction almost every time! What we explain to them is if you dont put your real hair health first, eventually there will be no hair to attach the extensions. Then we do the take down after a year or so, in some cases even 6 months, the general response is this my hair seems thinner. Did the extensions make my hair thinner or break off? If home care was followed, regular salon visits maintained, thinner hair is not the result. We can tell if hair loss is occurring during extension adjustment visits.

and hair loss. The Extensions Rabbit Hole, then there is hair loss from simply wearing extensions to long. Long term wear of extensions is the primary cause of traction hair loss. . we have a term in the salon called blonderexia. Basically, we describe it as a client who has colored her hai r blonde over time and she is practically platinum but always wants to go blonder. Obviously its not a real medical term but trust me- its a real. This also can be applied to hair extensions. Imagine having thin, fine hair your whole life, then in a matter of hours your hair is transformed into the luscious, thick hair youve always wanted. Would you really want to give that up? After 12 months your stylist informs you time for you to go on a minimum 3 month extension break! Generally the reaction is an adamant, no!

Hair extensions are fused into the hair by way of sew in, little locks, tubes or fused in by some type alpecin of adhesive. Overtime the friction, and tugging of the added weight at the scalp, can cause injury to the hair follicle and hair loss can occur. Its most common around the hair line and in the nape. It can happen from any hair extension type, even the safest. Hair loss from extension wear can occur from poor application. With the rising popularity of hair extensions, there are many newbie hair stylists that are becoming certified in one day classes. This short day class gives the stylist a little certificate then they can start buying hair extensions to install on the clients. It can be a very profitable service so you can see why stylists are eager to. Companies that sell hair extensions also have considerable lowered fees for education, because they realize stylists are put off by high tuition fees. Their ultimate goal is to sell extensions so if they lower the tuition its a way to a means.

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Alopecia is a medical term used to describe of hair loss. Theres alopecia areata where hair falls out in a circle shape, and alopecia universalis, where all the hair falls out, your eyelashes, eyebrows and all. Both forms can be caused wortel by an auto immune disorder and can be very traumatic for both women and men. Stress, loss, major life change can all trigger hair loss. The unfortunate thing is some women dont even know they have it because they have never had symptoms then bam they get a divorce at 38 and their hair falls out! In addition to the stressful event that triggered the alopecia, now they have to deal with the stress of whole hair loss too! Now theres a new type of hair loss called, traction alopecia and its cause is from over use of hair extensions.

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Traction alopecia is a non-scarring alopecia due to prolonged tension exerted on the hair. Traction alopecia was described as early as 1907 in West Greenland by austrian dermatologist Trebitsch. The traditional Greenlandic hairstyle at that time resembled the modern-day ponytail, and women developed. Traction, alopecia is a common hair loss condition among African American women due to use of extensions. Traction alopecia can occur with the chronic or constant use of hair extensions. Call us today for treatment options at (561) 394-0024. Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by tight hairstyles. Caught early, it is fully reversible and the hair can regrow.

If thinning or baldness has already begun, consider purchasing a wig. A hair system is a way to have a thick, full head of hair while your natural hair is growing. Purchasing a beautiful womens hair replacement system or wig is a decision that requires planning and consideration. Traction alopecia may be occurring because of your preference etos for a particular hairstyle that causes unnecessary tension on your hair. Purchasing a wig will allow you to have the style you want without sacrificing the health of your hair. At hri, were puzzelwoord here to help.

When it comes to female hair loss and thinning hair, finding the right solution that works for you can be frustrating, time consuming and overwhelming. Let a trained hair loss specialist at hri in Bloomington, minnesota help you and show you the many amazing solutions to hair loss and thinning hair that are available to you today. We invite you to schedule a free, private, confidential visit today.

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How can I treat Traction Alopecia? For most women, traction alopecia occurs notes in the temporal region of the hair. This is often where the hair is pulled tightest, causing damage to the follicles. There are several treatment options that are available for traction alopecia. You can use creams and ointments to soothe affected parts of the scalp and facilitate hair growth. Although creams may be helpful in the short-term, the most important change you can make is how youre caring for your hair and styling. Changing your styling routine is the way to make long-lasting change. Stopping traction alopecia before it begins is crucial.

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Knowing you need to prevent something is the first step to making a change. The repercussions of styling your hair in particular ways are not frequently discussed. However, there are some hairstyles that are harmful to the integrity of your hair. Many people style their hair in tight ponytails or braids to ensure that they stay in place throughout the day and night. Rather than pulling your hair into the same tight styles everyday, consider varying the way that you wear your hair. Stop braiding your hair daily and wearing tight ponytails! At least a few times per week wear your hair down.

Anyone can develop traction alopecia. The condition is caused by tightly pulling hair into a ponytail or braids on a consistent basis. Brushing your hair while it is wet and unconditioned can damage your hair, causing traction alopecia. Pulling the hair damages the hair follicle. The hair will re-grow. However, if you continue to damage the follicle over long periods of time, rapunzel the hair may not re-grow. A study in the journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, reports that 17 of African girls and almost 32 of African women develop Traction Alopecia. How can I prevent Traction Alopecia?

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Alopecia is often described as a naturally occurring phenomenon based on biological or genetic factors. Unlike other forms of alopecia (such as Alopecia areata traction Alopecia, however, is a form of balding that occurs as a result of hair lamp maintenance and styling. There is good news and bad news concerning traction alopecia. The good news is that it is a preventable and treatable condition. Modifying the ways in which you style your hair or your childs is one of several solutions to the problem. The bad news about traction alopecia, though, is that hair loss and balding may have already occurred. In that case, some preventative steps are in order to ensure that no more damage is done. Who has Traction Alopecia?

Traction hair loss
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